Based in a dreamscape atmosphere, Within/Without is a theatre performance art piece and collective creation exploring the dreaming psyche. It is the story of a womans battle and reconciliation with her inner being of heart and intellect. Heavily movement-based and laced with text, these two characters travel through a vivid dreamscape towards the tunnel of a fragile and elusive reality.

Workshop Production Premiered at SnowKing Festival XViii 2013

Directed by: German Saravanja
Featuring: Reneltta Arluk & Phoebe Vlassis




There are plans for further development... 

In the Media:

Heart and Intellect

Mahsi Cho Sponsorship:

SnowKing, Ron's Auto, Dave Brosha Photography, aRTLess Bastardo and The Prospector

Photos Courtesy Of:

Dave Brosha, Pablo Saravanja