TUMIT, meaning "tracks" in Inuktitut, is a northern indigenous play that weaves contemporary and traditional storytelling together. TUMIT explores the cycles that can pass from generation to generation. Based in an apartment in the city, Sarah, the protagonist, discovers she is pregnant and has to move out of the place she once shared with her husband, David. As she packs, Sarah disjointedly journeys through her life revisiting the familial relationships and places that brought her to where she is now. She searches for the answer needing to know, "can cycles ever really be broken?" Here she re-visits her greatest joys and faces her greatest pains that will ultimately determine her decision to become a mother or not.

TUMIT, voulant dire « pistes » en inuktitut, est une pièce autochtone nordique qui explore les cycles générationnels. Sarah découvre qu’elle est enceinte après avoir mis son mari David à la porte de leur appartement. En faisant ses boîtes, Sarah explore, de façon décousue, les relations familiales et les lieux de son passé en se demandant comment elle en est arrivée là. À travers le conte traditionnel et contemporain, Sarah partage ses plus grands souvenirs et fait face à ses plus grandes peines. Est-ce que les cycles peuvent vraiment être brisés?

one play told two ways. In English and in French. Different actors, same set, different nights.

Une Pièce RacontéE de Deux Façons. En FRANÇAIS et en ANGLAIS. En Alternance, Deux Comédiennes Différentes Dans le même décor.  


Workshop French Translation of TUMIT - Montreal, Quebec 2013

Full Circle's 2013 Talking Stick Festival - Vancouver, British Columbia

  • Playwright/Actor: Reneltta Arluk 
  • Director: Kate Weiss
  • Assistant Director: Thrasso Petras
  • Sound Designer: Travis Mercredi 
  • Set Designer: Daniela Masellis
  • Stage Manager: Phoebe Vlassis

With support from: Full Circle: First Nations Performance

Workshop West Theatre's 2011  International Canoe Festival - Edmonton, Alberta

2010 Workshop Production of TUMIT - NACC, Second Space - Yellowknife, NWT

  • Playwright/Actor: Reneltta Arluk
  • Director: Kate Weiss
  • Sound Designer: Travis Mercredi

With support from: Northern Arts and Cultural Centre

TUMIT is available for purchase in English and in French at Playwrights of Canada (PGC).

With Overall Support From: